County Highway No. 102: Ruishuang Highway

Xiang Kan Liang Buyan (meaning: closely clinched, never tired of looking at each other)

There is a kiosk named Buyanting located on County Highway No. 102 at the junction of Shuangxi and Ruifang, and its name is from a verse of Li Bai's poetry "Xiang Kan Liang Buyan (meaning "closely clinched, never tire of looking at each other). From one side of the kiosk, it's a great view of Shuanxi's scenery far away. Also, from the other side, people can overlook the beautiful scenery of Ruifang district, including Dadu (Meiren) Mountain, Diaoshanchunse, Caidaolun, Bianfu Mountain, etc. When the weather is nice, the azure ocean water far away can be seen from here, and at a specific time, it's possible to see the cloud sea. The most important thing is that Buyanting is a great place to appreciate the scene of Country Highway No. 102, a straight section called "the lonely highway".


Address: Ruishuang Highway, Ruifang District, New Taipei City (County Highway No. 102)

By driving 1 hour and 10 minutes


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