➢B-one Sherwood Izakaya

Tonight let's welcome the grand comeback of our most popular “The Sherwood Izakaya”! Sumptuous cuisines, unlimited & à la minute skewers, with tantalising hot dishes, beer free flow!
Book now for you most joyful gathering!

Hours of Operation
※ Lunch: 11:30-14:30 ※Dinner: 18:00-21:30
Weekdays (Mon-Fri)
Lunch/Dinner: Adult: NT$1,100 Child: NT$550
Weekend (Sat-Sun)
Lunch/Dinner: Adult: NT$1,300 Child: NT$650

※10 % service charge will be added to the above rate
※ Every four persons gathering for a lobster giveaway can not use other discounts or promotions
For reservations, please call: (02)2718-1188 and transfer to B-one Buffet Restaurant.
Sherwood reminder: Excessive drinking is harmful to your health. Do not drink and drive.

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