➢Sherwood Chinese New Year Eve Feast

What’s your plan for Chinese New Year’s Eve? Have a feast for gathering time at The Sherwood Taipei.

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➢TOSCANA X’Mas Eve set menu

Enjoy your X’Mas with Sherwood!

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➢TOSCANA Festive Season Teatime

From 11/1 on, The Sherwood Taipei TOSCANA Italian Restaurant presents to you our new afternoon tea.

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2016 台北西華飯店新聞稿_感恩節火雞禮籃

➢ TOSCANA Thanksgiving Turkey Hamper

Celebrate the special day of Thanksgiving with a Turkey Gift Hamper prepared by our master chef!

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➢Yi Yuan Chinese Take-out Item

Happy Chinese new year! Book your take-out meals right now!

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2015 台北西華飯店新聞稿_靓午餐

➢Yi Yuan Business Lunch

Yi-Yuan Business Lunch Location: The Sherwood Taipei Yi-Yuan Chinese Restaurant(2F) Price:NT$900~NT$1,200 +10% service charge

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2016 台北西華飯店_十全藥膳燉鮑魚

➢ Yi Yuan Winter Double-boiled Soup

Autumn Double-boiled Soup Fine picked ingredents, double-boiled with authentic Cantonese style that warms up your body and soul.

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➢Yi Yuan Autumn Crab Hotpot

Yi-Yuan Autumn Crab Hotpot Date:2016/11/07~2016/12/31 Location: Yi-Yuan Chinese Resaurant

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➢ Yi Yuan Postpartum Soup

Postpartum woman deserves the best care! Come to Yi Yuan Chinese Restaurant and order postpartum soups with 10 different choices to supply enough nourishments to postpartum woman.

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➢B-one Sherwood Izakaya

First-ever Unlimited 5-star All-you-can-eat Izakaya Unlimited yakitori & agemono. Buttomless beer. Eat your feeling with The Sherwood Taipei B-one Buffet!

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➢B-one Good Neighbor Special Offer

Employees from companies within 1-km distance to The Sherwood enjoy discounted price by showing their name cards.

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➢ B-one 2016 Year-End Party 2017 Spring Party

Yearly special offer for year-end party and spring party! Free cocktail and afternoon tea coupons for group reservations!

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➢ Henry’s Bar Count Down Party

Enjoy the beautiful firework at The Sherwood Taipei and create the most wonderful moment with us!

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➢Henry’s Bar Winter Happy Hour

Order any drink for 2 glasses, enjoy two delicious tapas with only NT$100!

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➢ Henry's Bar Winter Drink

The mellow richness of hot chocolate, Irish coffee will let you embrace warm and wonderful moment even at winter night!

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➢ 2016 Year-End Party & 2017 Spring Party Package

Holding the year-end and spring party at The Sherwood Taipei to celebrate all the efforts that you've contributed in 2016.

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➢ Citi Bank Credit Card Restaurants Promotion

Just use your Citi Bank card to enjoy the offer in The Sherwood Taipei Offer valid :2016/01/01 – 2016/12/31

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➢ American Express Credit Card Restaurants Promotion

Just use your American Express Credit Card to enjoy the offer in The Sherwood From January 1, 2016 until December 31

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