➢~Mariage~Dinner and Wine Gala



When Japenese Manga top talent meets Tokyo culinary-circle top talent, it is with no doubt, an unprecedented, most jaw-dropping crossover event for The Sherwood! The prestigious playwright to the world-famous Japanese manga "Drops of God" and "The Kindaichi Case Files", Tadashi Agi, alongside with the grand chef, who owns the honor of 11 consecutive Micheline 3 Star rating, Hiroyuki Kanda, is flying all the way to The Sherwood Taipei with their outstanding teams!


The titel to the event, "~Mariage~Dinner and Wine Gala"underlines our philosophy that a flawless pairing of food and wine is parallel to a perfect-matching marriage that renders you ceaseless satisfaction! A most unprecedented gala even rare to Japanese market!


June 1, 2 (Friday and Saturday)

NT$25,000+10%/ per, with 5 pairing wine, which includes the ultimate selections that have made their impressive presence in "Drops of God"!

4 entrance periods per night, 8 limited seats for each period





Make your reservation now with The Sherwood Taipei (02)2718-1188 to Catering.

The Sherwood Reminder: Excessive drinking is harmful to your health.