• ➢ Yi Yuan Rice Dumplings


Classic home-made rice dumplings with elegant decoration.

Book online from 5/1-6/15 and finish your payment before 6/8, enjoy 10% off discount!

l   Pork tripe with abalone Rice Dumpling         NT$2,388

l   Luxury Beef Rib Rice Dumpling                        NT$2,088     

l   Porcini Abalone Rice Dumpling                    NT$980       

l   Marmaran wine Dongpo pork Rice Dumpling                NT$420       

l   Lily Pedals Sweet Rice Dumpling               NT$380  

l   Dumpling Gift Box (3 big pieces)              NT$1,488  

(Porcini Abalone, , Lily Pedals Sweet)

l   Dumpling Gift Package (5 small pieces )        NT$988    

(spicy pork ribs *2, Lily Pedals Sweet *3)


Box special offer:

1-49 boxes: 10% off

50-99 boxes: 12% off

100 boxes and above: 15% off

*Dumpling Gift Package (5 small pieces) not apply with amy promotion

For more information, please contact The Sherwood Taipei (02)2718-1188 to 3003, 3005, 3520 Yi Yuan Chinese Restaurant